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2019 Chinese New Year Fortune Cookies (Tutorial)

I received my issue 191 January from Cardmaking & Papercraft magazine and they had some cute ideas for the 2019 Chinese New Year.  On pages 78 and 79 were instructions for creating a paper lantern, fortune cookies, and a money wallet.  I wanted to give the fortune cookies a try, so I printed out my Designer Series Paper (DSP) and starting figuring out how to put these cuties together.

Products Used:

svgepsclipart Pig Zodiac 2019 Chinese Lunar New Year CNY Pig Year Festive day romance – 1

svgepsclipart Pig Zodiac 2019 Chinese Lunar New Year CNY Pig Year Festive day romance – 2

Fortune Cookie Sayings I randomly found on the internet

Rubbermoon Mars Red from the Moonlight Tint & Hue Duos collection

G Studio Alphabet stamp set. I think I purchased this on Etsy, but not sure. You can find them here.

Tools Used:


Art Glitter Glue

3″ Circle Die

Paper Cutter

Step One: Cut an 3″ circle using a basic circle die.  I chose to make eight fortune cookies, so I cut out eight circles.  Their instructions said to use a compass to draw out a 100 mm circle, but in this day and age of dies; why?

Step Two: Carefully, I mean carefully, fold the circle half without creating any creases and slide a fortune strip along that rounded part of the circle.

Step Three: This step was different for me because I could not for the life of me figure out what the instructions were saying.  So, I glued around the outside edge of half of the circle, making sure to leave enough room for the fortune slip to be able to slide out and not get stuck in the glue.


Step Four: I used two of my smaller clothe pins to hold the sides together until the glue dried.  Really key point here: DO NOT wait too long after the glue dries to do the next step. If you do, it will be super hard to shape the paper into a cookie. I’m not sure why, but the ones I put aside to dry were harder to fold right than the ones I immediately folder.

Step Five: Be very gentle with this part or you will not get a fortune cookie.  Press gently, with your finger, into the center of the straight edge making a tiny crease in the paper. Then pull the sides inwards to meet each other.

Final Step: To keep the cookie together I used hot glue, per the instructions, in the middle and held the two sides together until the glue cooled.

Packaging: I took some of the leftover DSP paper and cut down to 2″ x 4″ strips, scored in half, rounded the corners and secured to the bag I placed the cookies in. Then I ran some gold washi tape across the top, adhered one of the images from the clipart and made a little banner using the alphabet stamp set from G Studios.  The ink I used was Mars Red from the Rubbermoon Moonlight Tint & Hue Duo collection. Cut out the phrase strip, adhered it to some black cardstock, and then hot glued it to the bag topper I made.

Were these my favorite thing to ever make? No, but they did turn out adorable and I will be sending two lucky people a set of four fortune cookies in two of the Chinese New Year swaps I am currently in.

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