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Tulle Bows (Tutorial)

I was on YouTube searching for different ways to make bows and I came across this very interesting way to make Tulle bows.  The Paperie Box shows you how to make these bows and they are super easy.  I am making bows for a bow swap, so I decided to use her method.  I’m just now getting into using tulle and am finding there are so many different ways to use it.

These bows would be great for altered paper clips, rosettes, tags, cards, journals, and just about anything.  I love making them and I think they are just so adorable.

Products Used:

Various colors of Tulle

Glitter ribbon from my stash

Tools Used:


Hot Glue Gun

Step One: Cut an 8″ piece of Tulle. This doesn’t have to be an exact number, this is just the size I found that provides the perfect bow for me.

Step Two: Start folding the tulle at about every 1/4″. When done folding over it should look like this:

Step Three: Next, I made a little board for wrapping the tulle around out of chipboard and this comes in handy for making this bow.  I hold the tulle in the center of the board and start wrapping it around the board until the other end meets the first end in the middle of the card.  It is really important to make sure the two ends meet in the center.  If they don’t there will be ends hanging out when the bow is completed.

Step Four: Take the tulle off of the board and apply hot glue to the center on the back where the last end is showing.  Put down a piece of 1/4″ ribbon and allow the hot glue to cool.

Step Five: Once the hot glue is cooled turn the piece over, with the strip of ribbon on the bottom, and start rolling away until the ribbon meets with the other end on the back.  Hot glue the other end of the ribbon and let cool.

Final Step: Now the part that takes a little practice and patience.  Turn the rolled tulle over and start pushing out from the center and work into the desired bow shape.  This was kind of confusing for me at first, but I went back and watched the video, and now this part doesn’t bother me.

You can leave these bows as is or, for a little extra fun, add acrylic dots or gems to the center of each bow.  In the video she shows you how to cut the bows for a different look, but I chose to leave them as is. I really didn’t like the look of the bows with the ends cut, but you can chose which way you like best.  Here is a set I made for another swap:

Here’s a link to the video: How to Make Easy Tulle Bows in 2-Ways

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