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Double Banner Clips (Tutorial)

I just joined a group where they play this game called 1-26.  You can select one or two numbers between 1-26.  They chose two winners and if you chose two numbers you are required to send a set of 3 banner clips to the person that wins.  I picked and odd and an even number and the two people who won were odd and even numbers, so I have to send a set of three to each winner.  They had written instructions, but I struggled with making these because if you are using 2″ standard paper clips you can cut the first smaller banner down to just two inches.  You’ll see in the instructions below.

Products Used:

2″ Standard Paper Clips Assorted Colors

The Paper Studio Petals & Bloom Paper Collection

DCWV Watercolor paper collection

Dollar Tree Pop-Up Flower Stickers (HMW-202B)

Paper Flowers

Butterfly Buttons


Gold Sentiment Stickers


Acrylic Flower

Acrylic Dots

Tools Used:


Art Glitter Glue

Paper Cutter

Step One: Cut two strips of paper: one 1.75″ x 4 and one 1.5″ x 4.

Step Two: Then fold each piece in half.  This will leave you with a 2″ banner and a 3″ banner.

Step Three: Take the smaller banner and slide it through the paper clip and glue the front to the back.

Step Four: Cut a slit up the center and then cut from one corner to that slit to make the first banner corner.  Then turn the piece over and cut from the corner to the center. Now you have the first banner.

Step Five: Take the longer banner strip and do the same thing.  The only difference here is you will glue the longer banner to the top of the smaller banner before cutting the corners.

Final Step: Now it’s time to decorate.  I added acrylic dots and gemstones to the bottom on the corners of the long banner. Then I added my focal point and, lastly, I added either acrylic shapes, a butterfly button, or a gold sentiment sticker.

Once I got the hang of making these I could whip them out fairly quickly.  The thing that took the longest was embellishing them.  I didn’t want to go crazy because I am trying to keep the postage to send these out as low as possible without having to send them as a package.

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