About Me!

I love to make art, this includes drawing, painting, mixed media, stamping, etc. I’ve been making stuff for as long as I can remember.  I used to draw, but then I found stamping. Like my jewelry making I have become addicted with collecting stamps, paper, and tools for this.  My main focus has been greeting cards, but I am forever expanding my horizons.  It brings me joy and makes me feel good to see the appreciation and smiles on someone’s face when they receive anything handmade.

I LOVE the arts, every area and every aspect of it. My inspiration comes from everywhere and nowhere. Mostly I like to just roll with whatever comes up that needs to be created.

I love to make new friends and talking to and watching people. I learn more about myself when I listen to others and I love to watch how other people react to the elements around them.

My husband calls me peaches, hence the title for my blog.